Title Slave To My Nails

Description: I love it when you boys tell me all about the little things that make you swollen and wet. It’s just more ammunition for me to totally control you. What is it that turns you on the most: My high heels… my nylons… my bare toes… or maybe my long red fingernails? Oh, it’s my nails? You’re a lot like this little slut in the video. It’s such a hard drippy mess by the time I unzip his latex suit and pull out “my” cock with my long nails. They can bring it so much pleasure, but they can also inflict pain when I clamp my talons down on its throbbing head! Today, it gets denied, however… best to leave it to ponder just how far it will go to get off on my perfect fingernails. It’ll be ready to do just about anything I want by the time I return.

Date: November 13, 2018