Title Kat – Never Say No to Me 4K

Description: 4K Ultra HD Kat is so mad that her idiot embarrassed her in front of the sales girls. She wanted an expensive dress and her idiot said, “no.” Never say no to Kat. She is a girl who is used to getting what she wants. Kat slaps her idiot in the face over and over. That will show him. Princesses should always get whatever they want. Kat tramples her fool, literally walking over him. This is to remind him that he is just her doormat. Kat fucks her losers face with her foot. She can use him for whatever she wants, and he can’t say no. Doormats never say no and girls can walk all over them. Losers are nothing and pretty girls are everything. Kat tells her loser that they are going to go back to the mall and he will get her the dress. And now she wants it in not just one, but two colors. Princesses always get what they want. One more, hard, slap to the face, “Now don’t ever say ‘no’ to me ever again.

Date: November 16, 2018