Caned For Being Pathetic

Dahlia’s pathetic slave knows that he doesn’t deserve Goddess Dahlia’s pussy but now he has to be punished for even thinking he deserved her pussy. The bitch is bent over the bondage table with his legs spread and his ass in position for Dahlia’s cane. Goddess Dahlia begins by warming up her slave’s ass with some “lighter” strokes. The slave is already crying out in pain as Dahlia commands her bitch to thank his Mistress for his punishment. Goddess Dahlia believes in tough love and she has no mercy when giving her slaves the punishment they deserve. Goddess Dahlia canes her slave brutally. Leaving bright red stripes all over her slave’s bare ass. Dahlia leaves her slave crying, still bent over the bondage cage, telling him that she will return with her biggest strap on to destroy his ass even more!

Date: November 19, 2018