Camnie Nicole is a Tightly Hogtied Triple Gagged Competitive Captive …

Camnie is a Gorgeous local aspiring model and actress…….she is talking to her girlfriend about her latest competition, a Lingerie Competition……as she ends the call and begins to get ready to leave she is suddenly grabbed from behind by a Goon…..he clamps his hand over Camnie’s mouth and informs her he is not going to hurt her, in fact he has been hired by her arch rival Luna to insure she doesn’t show up……Camnie does her best to try to reason with the Goon and talk her way out of it but before she knows it she is tightly tied up in her lingerie in the living room………the Goon keeps tormenting Camnie by handgagging her, informing her that Luna is going to enjoy winning the Lingerie Competition even more now knowing her arch Rival is tightly bound and gagged in her home frustrated and squirming around helplessly. The Goon gags Camnie with a knotted bunch of panties pulling them tightly into her mouth and leaves to see if there is anything of value to steal. Camnie is a Surfer and very athletic and capable………she tumbles down to the floor from the sofa and starts squirming, showing off her sexy legs and cute stockinged feet……..she manages to wriggle over to an end table where she knocks her cell phone to the floor…….she wriggles around and gets the phone to her hands……..just as she starts to make a call the Goon comes back up the stairs and catches her in the act of gagtalking into the phone trying to escape! He grabs Camnie and snatches the phone and tells the 911 operator its just a prank and he apologizes as Camnie tries her best to scream out thru her gag and the Goons hand over her pretty face further handgagging her. He then takes Camnie and puts her on the sofa……..he removes her knotted pantygag and gives her a drink of water…….Camnie trys to reason with him to let her go but he tells her Luna has already paid him for the job of keeping her bound and gagged and from attending the competition. Camnie tries to bribe him by offering him more money and instead he produces a pair of her well worn panties from her hamper and forces her to smell them while handgagging and taunting her with them. He them stuffs the well worn panties into Camnies mouth completely filling her mouth before wrapping it tightly with a wide band of flex wrap………..he then adds a bandana over Camnies already well gagged mouth and pretty face for further muffling………he then goes on to take photos of Pretty Camnie all bound up and massively gagged to send to Luna for her enjoyment and to insure final payment. Camnie is angry and frustrated and tries her best to talk but the big wad of panties wrapped tightly into her mouth completely muffles her up………..but that isn’t enough……….the Goon then puts Camnie down on the floor and ties her into a very tight hogtie………Camnie grunts in frustration and continues to try to talk thru her gag but she is completely muffled up……….but that still isn’t enough for the Goon who then adds a tight OTM gag over Camnie’s pretty face to further frustrate, anger, and muffle her up. Several cracks on the ass, a few taunts and laughs and the Goon finally leaves poor Camnie heavily bound up, tightly hogtied, and triple gagged squirming and wriggling, doing the best she can to escape.
Length: 25 minutes
Added: 11/22/18

Date: November 25, 2018