Slave Cleans My High-Heels with His Mouth!

“Start to lick my shoes!” I demand as I sit on my stool and wave my white high-heels in this slave’s face. White shoes obviously get dirty the easiest, so it’s important that I keep them looking as shiny and new as possible. I use this slave’s mouth to do it, watching as he cleans them with his tongue and scold him for not trying hard enough. “Do you want to lick my feet today?” I ask him. “To taste them? To smell them?” Of course he does because my feet are gorgeous, but I’m not going to let him until I’m satisfied with the job he’s done cleaning my shoes. At the rate he’s going, he’ll never get to feel my bare feet in his mouth. I demand that he try harder and supervise the job he does as he continues to lick every inch of my high-heels. Do you think he’s done a good enough job? Download femdom video mistress video clip Slave Cleans My High-Heels with His Mouth! from – femdom

Date: December 20, 2018