Aneta and Licky join us on what could be a perfect day for a summers picnic – or alternatively – a perfect day to expose Aneta’s tasty treats.
For a first course, we focus on Aneta’s firm, pert breasts. Anita squeezes them tightly, allowing us to focus on her perfect puffy nipples. The contrast between her tan and her creamy breasts serves to highlight the innocence of this beautiful young lady. That is until she unashamedly allows Licky to pull down her knickers to show us her lovely bum and pussy.
Our main course of bum and pussy flesh is delivered with subtlety – gently pully Anita’s lips aside to reveal a neat pink entrance.
In need of a more comfortable position to continue the show, Anita perches herself upon Licky’s lap…. and the show goes on. Her spreading now becomes wider, letting us enjoy her inner folds. It clearly takes quite a bit of effort to pull the folds apart as , although we enjoy yummy views of Anita’s pink ripples, the base of the cavern remains firmly off limits.
A change is as goods as a rest, and Anita provides this by moving to her knees whilst continuing to hold herself wide open. knowing how tight it is in there, you can only imagine the pleasure at delivering a good pounding. Maybe that would indeed open the cave fully. Licky jumps in to provide assistance towards the video’s end and certainly widens the gap.
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Date: December 21, 2018