Queen leah financial domi… – Ruined Orgasm JOI with Bratty Bunny

i am together again with the always sexy Bratty Bunny and we want to play a little JOI game with you pathetic slaves! first, wipe up that drool and pull it together enough to focus loser! listen to all of our commands as we guide you through a lovely little stroke session teasing and taunting you with our perfect bodies, gorgeous faces, and bitchy and demanding attitudes! when you reach that point of near explosion we have a special way we’d like for you to finish yourself off jerk boy…by destroying what would have been a tidal wave of gross goo and replacing your orgasm with pain and denial! you wont let a single drip of cum out of your throbbing dick-instead you will end things early in the name of your favorite goddesses-Leah and Bunny-and RUIN what would have been ecstasy just to make us smile…because pleasing US is always more important than pleasing yourself, right loser? of course!

Keywords: leah star,bratty bunny,joi

Date: January 9, 2019

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