Goddess Vivian Leigh – Satanic FemDom Muslim Virginity Custom pt2

“You know that sex before marriage is a sin for muslims, right?”
-Yes, of course I do.
“You know that muslims have fear for what would happen to their necks.”
-of course I do.
“and you make my custom anyway…”
-of course I do.
You are a virgin, saving yourself for marriage, trying every day with a heart full of fear to be holy. You also have a heart full of lust. I know this, I smell it off you and I want to feed on it.
I am tool powerful. I turn you into my mind-fucked zombie and you are overcome with lust. You forget your vow, you forget Allah. You forget being chaste and holy.
I take your soul
Now you serve me, and I am a cruel mistress.
Demons are tricksters, I told you what you wanted to hear, I lured you in with my beautiful ass and pussy you couldn’t refuse.
I stole you from Allah, and now I shall do with you as I please.

Date: June 14, 2018