Not Like You Planned Ft. Naomi Swann

Two best friends whom you’ve always had the hots for, have decided they’d like to include you in on their fun; lucky boy. They’ve even decided they’d also like for another one of their girlfriends to join you three; making it the foursome you never thought you’d have in your entire life. When you knock on the door they answer with bright red pouting lips, Raquel being a brunette and Naomi a blonde making it a dream pairing. Apart of you hoped that the friend they spoke of, was a red head. A boy can dream. Allowing you inside they tell you their friend is rather shy, and that she’s requested you to be blindfolded before she joins the party. You agree without hesitation, your cock growing hard in your pants and your heart racing as your mind played visuals of what you hope would come. Slipping a silk slip around your eyes, you hear Naomi and Raquel’s voices drift off, though soon feel their presence once more and that of another. You can’t help but lick your licks in anticipation. Is this really happening? The right answer? No. Not unless you plan on sucking their friends cock. What? As Raquel and Naomi remove the blindfold from your eyes you’re greeted by a long, throbbing cock attached to a muscular and toned body; the laughter of Naomi And Raquel filling the air. If you really do desire even the thought of being tangled between the sheets with Naomi and Raquel, you’ll have to suck & fuck not only this male… but a few. Here you’ll learn, that for Naomi and Raquel your willing to do things you never dreamed you’d put yourself through. On your knees. On your back. What’s terrifying? You find yourself growing hard and desiring to stroke as you listen to Naomi and Raquel’s sadistic plan unfold. As you learn of your new found fate, if you ever desire for a chance with them.
Category: MAKE ME BI
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Date: June 29, 2018