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Lara Croft Always Turned me on, the noises she makes, the posh English accent & that gorgeous curvy body. Have you ever dreamt of your favorite video game character coming to life? Controlling her, making her do whatever you want? – Well here is your chance. 
Watch as a dream turns into reality as a submissive latex clad Lara Croft appears in front of you, willing to be the posh little English slut she lives up to be in all the games and movies you’ve seen her in. See her tight curves in the shined up rubber as she does what she’s told. Sucking cock, swallowing your cum & fucking you until you leave her pussy with a huge cream pie. 
I’m sure this never happened in any of the games! Was it all just a dream?  
This video contains: Latex, Cum Shots, Blow Jobs, POV, Sex, Cream Pie, Virtual Sex, Cosplay, Role-play, Fuck a Fan

Keywords: kimberleyjx,lara croft,cosplay,roleplay,hd,bj,blow job,creampie,latex,rubber

Date: July 4, 2018

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