Tied Up After Dance Class Part 1

It’s been awhile, but Sunshine’s ex boyfriend hasn’t forgotten about her. She has moved on with her life, keeping busy with work and taking up a dance class at the studio down the block. She used to be so fond of ballet. Her ex was very controlling and wouldn’t let her do much of anything outside of working and coming home to take care of the house and him, so with her new freedom, she has gone back to the studio a few times a week to pursue dancing again. She seems so free and much happier these days.
Her ex on the other hand, is still very much infatuated with her. The break up caught him completely by surprise. He thought she liked what they had. She was very submissive and he felt he did a good job of taking care of her. When she told him to leave, he quietly packed his things thinking maybe she just needed some time and would come around eventually.. But now she won’t pick up his calls, and she’s made this new dance class her priority. It’s starting to look like this thing might really be over and he’s taking it pretty hard. If only there was something he could do to win her back.. Just then it hits him.. She loved it when he tied her up..
The first time he did it was because she wouldn’t get off of her phone during a dinner date. She was very rude, so when he got her back to his house and were getting undressed for bed.. He grabbed her and held her against the wall. He told her how rude she was during dinner and that now she had to be taught a lesson. She looked at him like he was crazy. He grabbed her bra off of her shoulders and quickly tied her hands behind her with it. He pulled her over his lap and gave her a firm spanking. It first she panicked and fought, but after the 3rd or 4th swat, she eased into it and accepted her punishment. After that he tied her feet and knees and told her she was to stay that way for the entire night. In the morning, she thanked him and said she needed that.. over the course of their relationship, the played like this many times, getting a little more daring each time.. Just then he caught and idea!
All at once he had a plot to get her back, one way or the other. He knew where her spare key was.. He would sneak into her house while she was at dance practice. He would wear a mask and disguise so she didn’t know it was him. He’d grab her and tie her up tight and freak her out. Then he would rescue her and everything would be great again! Either that, or he would just keep her tied until she heard him out and agreed to take him back.. What could go wrong?
In part 1- He grabs her and tapes her up tight over her leotard and tights. She struggles and wiggles her way over to the door and begins trying to open it with her slippery hose-covered feet. She is caught and dragged across the room back to the couch where she is propped up, has her mouth stuffed full with a giant sponge, and then has her face wrapped with thick clear vinyl tape. The gag is so overwhelming it takes most of the fight out of her.
Featuring: Sunshine Tampa

Date: June 6, 2018

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