One of the hottest (and the craziest) XXX genres going today – smothering! Smothering is what you usually call breath play. Smothering can be performed in a variety of different ways and we’re going to discuss some of them below.
Breast smother is when a chick places her breasts on someone’s face in order to prevent them from breathing. Easy-peasy. So, with these types of videos, you get busty babes almost legitimately offing someone due to their knockers being huge as fuck. If this is not exciting, we don’t know what is. You can watch some breast smother online porn videos right now or you can keep on reading. The choice is yours, really.
The undisputed king when it comes to popular is facesitting smother. This stuff is pretty damn crazy because it combines the already-popular facesitting with smothering. In other words, you get this ungodly amalgamation of two exciting XXX genres. Speaking of ungodly, let’s talk about BBW smother.

BBW, of course, refers to a Big Beautiful Woman, i.e. some lardass that for some inexplicable reason thinks that she’s hot. Or other people think that she’s hot. Doesn’t matter, really. So, the BBW smother online porn videos do a great job of expanding upon the aforementioned facesitting smother videos. Instead of some lithe hottie, you get a 200+ pounds landwhale trying to snap someone’s neck with her ginormous ass. Some of these videos are very gruesome. You’ve been warned.
The other two genres branching out of facesitting smothering videos are femdom smother and foot smothering. Femdom and facesitting go hand in hand, that’s pretty obvious. The femdom smother adult video clips usually feature a great degree of verbal abuse and many other things that are unquestionably humiliating. In these types of videos, the facesitee endures something that wrecks their self-esteem for the rest of their pathetic lives. They oftentimes have to eat that sweaty ass, too!

As far as foot smothering goes, it’s pretty damn simple. You get barefooted or socks-wearing chicks resting their gorgeous feet on some loser’s face. Due to the very intense nature of it all, we strongly advise you to check out the “lighter” smother adult video clips first. Work your way up there, y’know? Don’t hit the ground running.
There are MANY other offshoots to explore in this particular genre, including hand smother, trampling, squashing, headscissors, and so forth. Talking about all of that shit would take us ages, so let’s wrap this up and indulge in some shameless self-promotion.

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