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The first thing that comes to mind is spanking punishment videos. They are all different, but they are all hot. Better believe it. There are many variations to the process itself, including OTK spanking, spanking with fingering, spanking with a belt, along with numerous others. The setups for those spanking punishment clips also vary greatly. This whole pseudo-incest thing is on the rise, so there are many videos featuring moms spanking their daughters, moms spanking their sons, and, of course, daddies spanking their daughters. We will refrain from judging people that watch that kinda shit, let’s just say that there are better XXX genres out there.

There are spanking sex video clips that mostly feature brutal banging with some spanking mixed in. Of course, the intensity levels vary greatly. Sometimes, the spanker gets so into it that he forgets to thrust. Sometimes, the spankee’s ass turns bright fucking red as she rides her lover’s cock while getting spanked. Overall, this should be the very first subgenre that you need to check out within this online porn collection. Spanking sex is a great gateway genre.

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So, before we go any further with our breakdown of the different kinds of spanking vids, you need to realize that the remaining genres can be considered straight-up humiliation porn. Like, they feature S&M elements and, once again, that might not be your cup of tea. If you don’t like humiliation porn in general, you ain’t gonna like the genres mentioned above.

The most popular BDSM-y spanking genre is, of course, femdom spanking. Femdom is hella fucking popular in general and these femdom spanking videos serve as a proof of that. To some people, there’s nothing hotter than seeing a dominant woman use and abuse her poor slave, be it a dude or a girl. Let’s be real honest here – that kinda spanking is hot. Usually, in spanking slave vids, we see guys spanking the living daylights out of some poor slavegirl, so this gender-flipped dynamic is interesting and fresh, at the very least. While maledom spanking slave vids are not that creative, their femdom-y counterparts feature some of the most innovative action you will ever see. Just go ahead and watch a clip or two if you don’t believe us.

Aside from spanking vids, our little female domination appreciation corner also features femdom slapping vids. Don’t be a fucking purist about it, alright? We know that there’s a huge difference between slapping and spanking. It’s not THAT hard to figure out. However, femdom slapping is not popular enough to earn a separate category, so it has to be hosted here. Maybe that’s gonna change later on. Who the fuck knows, right?

Make no mistake about it, these femdom face slapping are insanely hot. The women are inherently crueler then men, so they make every slap count. They also choke their slaves. They resort to ballbusting, full-on ball kneeing, some chicks whip out some crazy MMA moves to straight-up kick the shit outta some poor dude. All of those excruciatingly painful experiences usually start with femdom face slapping and that should tell you something.

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