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It’s common knowledge that superhero movies are all the rage right now. You get the MCU, the hilariously incompetent DC cinematic universe, all sorts of universes that account for like 43% of movies that you see playing in theaters near you. With the superhero genre being so trendy, it’s only natural that the adult video industry would also transform to better suit the needs of geeks.
Just to reiterate, our superheroine porn is conclusive and all-encompassing. All the hottest videos are here. No exceptions. Due to their nature, online porn movies from the superheroine XXX genre are mostly story-driven. With that in mind, we had to exclude all the adult video clips that feature either wooden or overly hammy acting. Sorry, we can’t risk spoiling this superheroine XXX collection with awful clips.

All the XXX clips featured here are competently acted and you won’t have to fight your suspension of disbelief. No retarded far-fetched storylines, no nothing. This is the pinnacle of this very XXX genre. So, now that we’ve already talked about the quality, let’s talk diversity. Obviously, the most popular subgenre here is superheroine bondage. For some reason, you guys really seem to dig it when a spandex-clad chick gets tied with rope or whatever. Most of the other stuff not related to generic fucking is strikingly similar to the superheroine bondage XXX subgenre.
Basically, you get online porn videos that can be either labeled as “heroine defeated” or “superheroine humiliated.” Guess it’s arousing to see a seemingly all-powerful vigilante get her pussy fiddled with? It’s hard to understand why exactly are those two small nice genres are so popular, but we’re just going to say that if you want to see a heroine defeated or a superheroine humiliated, look no further.

The last one we are going to talk about is distinctly different and inherently weird. Of course, we are talking about those Japanese superheroine videos. Due to Japan being a weird-ass country, those videos are completely bonkers. Also, we don’t really cherry-pick these Japanese superheroine movies because it’s really hard to tell which were poorly acted and which weren’t. It’s Japan, after all!

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