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Since you're the "responsible" sibling, I know Mom and Dad left you in charge while they're gone. Sure, they gave me a little bit of allowance, but I've already spent it. Do you think this cosplay outfit was cheap? I need more money for Comicon, dear brother. Don't be coy. I know you've got it in your wallet. Let's make a trade. You give me the funds I need to have a good time at the convention, and I give you the release you so desperately desire. You never could resist my charms. For such a goody-goody, you sure are easy to persuade. A little deepthroat and cum swallowing will make you see things my way. Scene Includes: Brother-Sister Roleplay BJ vid in POV style.She sucks and strokes his dick until he cums in her mouth.No nudity , she wears a pink wig and pink contact lenses.There is some talking and eye contact.