Goddess Tangent Canes Gaby

Goddess Tangent, known for her cruelty, which is on full display. Goddess Tangent has one of her favorite implements of torture, her cane. With her slave kneeling at her feet, fully exposed and at her mercy, Tangent warms him up with some verbal abuse. Goddess Tangent thoroughly explains her love of causing pain, hurting slaves, and beating men down. Although already bruised from a previous beating, this will have not have any impact on her mercy.or lack thereof. Goddess Tangent is kind enough, prior to the beating, to spit and smack the slave in his face. The slave is bent over a slave cage, and Goddess Tangent begins her discipline of her slave. She beats his ass without mercy, and his ass is not red, but white! She beats this slave ruthlessly and smiles deviously, overwhelmed with the joy of the pain she causes this slave. Thwack, thwack, thwack.the sound of her cane.