Universal spanking and punish... - Attitude Adjustment 2 - Shy Sky - MP4 640x480

This is the second edition of our "Attitude Adjustment" series and just like #1, this video features hard spanking action with very little talking. The premise of this video is clear,...to focus on stern corporal punishment while adjusting the attitude of a girl who doesn't feel that she should have to endure a spanking to better herself. Shy Sky often feels that she is above a spanking, and she certainly doesn't feel that butt blistering will change her attitude, but as punishment progressed, her tears told us a different story. This adjustment starts out with a hard hand spanking, followed by an old fashioned belting just like the kind that would take place in a southern woodshed. Next, the thick billet strap welts the pretty bottom of Shy Sky, and things don't get any easier when she has to stay bent over for a strap with five painful fingers on the end that applies a sting she most certainly would never forget! Already in tears with more to come, another prison strap is applied to the welted bottom of Shy Sky, along with sizzling licks with the razor strap! Swats with the fraternity paddle are next, and the intensity stays at a fever pitch when the Jokari paddle is applied to her gorgeous red hot cheeks. The final part of this true attitude adjustment has Shy Sky presenting her bare and swollen buns for a tough round with the rubber strap w/holes and a butt busting paddling with a second fraternity paddle! This was a true corporal punishment session, one that Shy Sky would remember, and an adjustment that would certainly improve her attitude. Keywords: crying many times,smearing makeup,the razor strap,painful spanking,true submission,beautifal blonde girl,canadian prison strap,this girl learns,hard strap strokes,cute ass,she felt it for days,it hurt to sit,solid wood paddle swats,welted bottom,a true adjustment