Fm concepts bondage store - Alex De La Flor Found 19 Year Old Lily Adams Bound and Well Gagged - She Should Have Run - Now She's in the Same Predicament! 1080p Version

Innocent Lily Adams fell prey to the scheme of a greedy desperado, who mouth-stuffed and tape-gagged the already bound girl after seating her on a couch, then taped her knees and ankles together! Lilly energetically tested her bondage but wasn't alone for long because the disguised man returned with her friend Alex De La Flor in his clutches; tiny Alex was gagged in the same ruthless manner. Struggling together on the couch, they failed in an attempt to loosen each other's bonds, then Alex slipped onto the floor and maneuvered her wrists so that Lilly could pluck at them with her bare toes! Keywords: on screen gagging,barefoot,pornstars,domiantion,humilation,gag talk,flip flops,gagged women,on screen binding,rope bondage