24071 - Mercedes Carrera


Cast: Mercedes Carrera Description: Mercedes Carrera may have just dropped her son back off at university early to prepare for resuming his studies, but she�s a quick study herself. Her son�s friend Dustin hasn�t quite yet returned to campus, and when he comes a-knocking looking for his pal, she knows just what she�s getting into. That�s why she invites him in and tells him how much she�s always liked him and thought he was such a handsome young man. And now that he�s of age, she�s not letting him out of her grasp�at least not until she�s had her way with him. Before he can flee out the door, Mercedes is in her fuck-me lingerie and telling him he�s going nowhere, that she�s doing him a favor by preparing him for all the sly vixen coeds in college. The hot Latina MILF sucks her son�s friend�s big dick and fucks him with her wet, educating pussy so that he�ll have just the tools to use with his tool at school.