ORIGINAL TITLE: PLAYOBEY: "RISE OF THE FACE RAIDER" (720 HD) TAGS: IGNORE, IGNORING, TOMB RAIDER COSPLAY, LARA CROFT COSPLAY, SUPERHEROINES, LEOTARD FETISH, LEOTARD FACESITTING, REVERSE HEADSCISSORS, HARD FACESITTING, FACE RIDING, PROLONGED SMOTHERING, THONG LEOTARD, LYCRA, KO, KNOCKOUT, YOUNG MISTRESS, YOUNG GODDESS, YOUNG DOMINA, YOUNG DOMME, YOUNG DOMINATRIX, MUSCLE DOMINATION, BRUNETTE, BRUTAL FACESITTING, REVERSE FACESITTING, BDSM, FULLWEIGHT FACESITTING, DOMINATRIX, EXECUTRIX, ASS TRAP, ASS FETISH, ASS DOMINATION, ASS HUMILIATION, HEAVY SMOTHERING, SADISTIC ASS, EROTIC ASPHYXIATION, ASPHYXIA, BREATH PLAY, BREATHING TORTURE, AMAZONS, POOR SLAVE, SADISTIC FACESITTING, UNDER MISTRESS ASS, GAGGING WITHOUT AIR, OXYGEN LESS, FACESITTING, FACE SITTING, SIT ON FACE, FEMDOM, FEMALE DOMINATION, LOSER, ASS SMOTHRING, SMOTHER, FACESAT, FACESIT, POWERFUL WOMAN, DOMINANT WOMAN, SMOTHERED, TRAPPED, FEMALE SUPREMACY, FEMALE SUPERIORITY, LEGS FETISH, FOOT DOMINATION, FOOT HUMILIATION, FOOTDOM, SADISTIC LEGS, SCISSOR SLUT, SCISSOR SLAVE, SCISSOR BITCH, POWERFUL LEGS, THROATSCISSORS, SQUEEZES, PRETTY WOMAN, SQUEEZING, SUBMISSION HOLDS, BRUTAL CLUTCHES, LOCKS ON A HEADSCISSORS, BRUTAL SCISSORING, SCISSORHOLDS, SCISSORING, PAIN DESCRIPTION: The sequel to our revered Rise of The Face Raider 1, Lara alternates between Aggressive Facesitting, Footlock Face Smothering & Hard Reverse Headscissors throughout the first segment, while pointing her at her face seat's head forcing him to submit. "You know I'll do it!" says Lara in a commanding tone while squeezing her victim's neck unless his forehead's veins protrude, illustrating clear evidence of her thighs' absolute power! Pixel's epic Reverse Headscissor Knockout arrives during the second segment, where to which Lara says: "That'll teach you!" She keeps SQUEEZING his neck Post-Knockout, then slaps his head until he is brought back to his owned world, his nose forcibly pressed against her glorious ass. His wheezing, tap-outs, and excruciating begs for mercy only make Lara pull his face in ever tighter against her Lycra Shorts! "Oh! You're asking for it! Where do YOU think you're trying to go?! Oh Please!" outline the undertones of her attitude. She then keeps him trapped in between her legs, ignoring his very existence as he twitches out, well-faded into Smothered & Scissored Oblivion! She keeps scissoring him until he pleads "I GIVE UP! PLEEEAAASE!!!" to which Lara merely turns back to face the camera, LAUGHS, then has the gall to reapply her Reverse Headscissors even tighter until he has no choice to kiss her ass while being kept in her Headscissors... "That's more like it! Worship it!"