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ORIGINAL TITLE: "IF YOU CAN POSE ON A SLAVE YOU CAN POSE ON A STAGE" (1080 HD) (NEW !! ADDED 11/16/18) TAGS: THE MEAN GIRLS, MIAMIMEANGIRLS, AMERICANMEANGIRLS, AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS, MIAMI MEAN GIRLS, THEMEANGIRLS, SHINY SHOES, GLOSSY SHOES, LINGERIE, GODDESS PLATINUM, GODDESS TINA, BLONDE MISTRESS, BRUNETTE, BALD SLAVE, HIGH HEELS DOMINATION, HIGH HEELS HUMILIATION, PATHETIC MALE, PATHETIC SLAVE, SADISTIC BLONDE, CRUEL BRUNETTE, SHOE HUMILIATION, EXTREME PAIN, MOANING SLAVE, DOUBLE DOMINATION, DUAL DOMINATION, DUO OF DOMMES, TWO MISTRESSES ONE SLAVE, DOUBLE TRAMPLING, FOOTDOM, FOOT DOMINATION, BELLY TRAMPLING, CHEST TRAMPLING, YOUNG MISTRESSES, YOUNG GODDESSES, YOUNG DOMINATRIX, YOUNG DOMMES, YOUNG DOMINAS, YOUNG WOMEN, AMAZONS, SHOE FETISH, HIGH HEELS, STILETTOS, SHOEDOM, SHOE DOMINATION, SHOE HUMILIATION, BDSM, SLAVE HUMILIATION, ABUSED MALE, ABUSED SLAVE, MALE ABUSE, SUFFERING, ABUSED BY WOMEN, BEAUTIFUL MISTRESSES, SADISTIC MISTRESSES, NO MERCY FEMDOM, MERCILESS MISTRESSES, EXTREME FEMALE DOMINATION, BRUTAL FEMDOM, POOR SLAVE, STOMPING, HIGH HEELS DESTRUCTION, SHOE TRAMPLING, SADISM, CRUEL MISTRESSES TORTURES SLAVE, HARD PUNISHMENT, STRICT MISTRESSES, FEMDOM, BRUTAL PUNISHMENT, FEMALE DOMINATION, CRUEL DOMINATION, SADISTIC FEMDOM, TORTURED SLAVE, TORMENTED SLAVE, EXTREME FEMDOM, BRUTAL FEMALE DOMINATION, MAKE SLAVE SUFFER, SADISTIC GODDESSES, MERCILESS FEMDOM, FEMALE SUPREMACY DESCRIPTION: Goddess Tina and I are both BIG into fitness. Tina actually competes and has a competition coming up! She mentions to me offhand that she is having trouble posing on stage in her stiletto heels and maintaining her balance. So I offer her something that has worked for me in the past- posing on someone else's squishy, bony, uneven body! Tina wonders who the heck would be so pathetic that they would actually ALLOW her to step on them and literally WALK ALL OVER THEM like that?? And in her STILETTOS on top of that?? Then I offer up to her one of our slaves to use as her personal "practice stage dummy"! She can't believe we can just USE him like this! But she absolutely LOVES it! I just explain to her that we are so hot that losers like this feel LUCKY just to be stepped on by women as hot as us! And then I explain to her that if you can stand on a slave, you can stand on a stage! It takes a little bit of practice (and a LOT of pain on the slave's part!) but eventually Tina's heels are digging into the slave while she is hitting all her poses. And by the end we are doing "victory poses" to celebrate her posing balance improvement!