JOI Hot Secretary Smoking n Fingering HD - CrazyBella


In this HD JOI video I'm wearing my hot little black skirt, with me black heels and a thin white blouse, looking like a hot Secretary. I'm a very stressing Secreatary with all the work I have to do in the office, so I decide go out, take a break and make my body and mind relax with a cigarrette! Yes a ciggarrette is what this Secretary need it urgenly. I go to the couch in the reception and sit crossing my legs, I light on my cigarette and take a couple drags slowly...feeling how the cigarette start to make my body relax with every drag! I'm touching my legs and my little black skirt, enjoying totally my cigarette, when I notice you are look at me while I take drags to my cigarette!. I know you have to much stress too, because I'm your secretary and if Im stressing just with the work I have to do like your secretary, you have to be even more stressing to me, so I want to make you relax with me and be a good secretary for you!. Talking to the cam, like was your eyes, I tell it you, I know you like to see me smoke my cigarette cuz you can saw how my body relax with every drag. I want to shared with you how good and relaxing I'm with me cigarette so I uncross my legs and let you see I dont have any panty under my little black skirt, Crossing my legs in front of you let you see my pussy with my little black skirt on!. Once you notice this I start to touch my pussy slowly for you, open my pussy with my fingers and making a few close ups with the cam, so you can watch how much relaxing and wet I'm meanwhile I smoke my cigarette in my break time!. I dangling my cigarette with my lips with no hands and begin to unbotton my shirt with my two hands and take it off, so you can see my boobs in my bra! I start to rub and massage my boobs while I talk to you taking my bra out and asking you if you like the view of your Secretary just wearing a little skirt and black heels, smoking a cigarette without panty. At this moment I'm a Secretary more relaxing and my body is turning on!! I put my cigarette out to my hands cuz I need to touch and fingering more faster and harder my pussy, doing close ups, while I see you stroke your dick and I encourage you with a JOI to keep going, put it my legs up to the couch I start to fingering my pussy more faster always talking dirty to you. When I saw you are ready to cum I encourage you with a JOI to do it over my boobs so I can massage my boobs with your cum! To show you how your cum going to look over my boobs I put lotion over my boobs, let you see it more close in a close ups to my boobs and ask you if you want to do it too!! Coming more close to me you give me your cum over my boobs! Feel so good and make us so relaxing. Once I have all my boobs cover with your cum I light on another cigarette and take drag slowly feeling all my body and mine relaxing! I'm ready to go back to my desk and continue to be your hot Secretary for the rest of the day!