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Monique Alexander (The Exxxceptions: Episode 3 / 23.11.2017)

Year: 2017 Studio: ZZSeries / Bra_ZZ_ers Starring: Monique Alexander Description: With chaos and upheaval all around, the surviving women (the Exxxceptions) have to find a way to adapt. For some, like Cali and Aaliyah, they’ve adapted into heroes. For others, like Monique, this post-disappearance world is a chance to explore her darker side. Reveling in the chaos and depravity, Monique has all too easily embraced her role as a villainous stripper—taunting and teasing all the men who dream of having her. She thrives on watching them fight and after a seductive dance (full of demands for more money), she offers them a chance fuck as a way to incite two men into battle. The victores to collect his prize and she gives him the hot fuck of his life (and it just might be his last).