Naomi Swann - Naomi's Unaware Bug Problem SFX


18 year old freshman Naomi is arriving home from Summer school to her step dads house. Her step Dad is the CEO of a powerful Bio-tech company which had been working on a number of special projects for the government including a serum that causes it's subjects to shrink. The day before Naomi arrived, her step dad's team had made the break through and successfully gotten the serum to work. To celebrate he asked his team to come over his house and threw a party for them all! Unfortunately one of the interns thought it would be funny if he spiked the punch with some of the serum and now Naomi's step dad and his entire team have found themselves shrunken to bug size, scattered all over the house. They have only one hope. That Sweet 18 year old Naomi may find them and bring them to safety. However, as Naomi enters the house, she is completely unaware anything has happened. She calls for her step dad but no one answers. So she puts on her headphones to chill to some music and relax. Unfortunately this means many will perish under her soft soles as she walks around crushing people left and right, mistaking some for bugs and massacring them all in this EPIC Shrinking giantess clip!!