Defeated - Ask and you shall receive

Stella challenges Zahra to “Show me how you choke me”, a challenge Zahra gladly accepts. Almost immediately Stella gets wrapped into a Dragon Sleeper, then a Sleeper Hold with some hand smothering mixed in. This already has Stella on the ground gasping for air. It doesn’t get any better unfortunately for her as Zahra is just getting started. Next for Stella is a brutal back bending sleeper hold with even more hand over mouth smothering. Stella eyes start to go wide and roll back as she struggles to stay conscious. A side head scissors and more something comes next and then Zahra gives Stella a bit of breather, not wanting Stella KO’d just yet. Stella after getting to catch her breath for a bit get trapped right back in that side head scissors and hand over mouth smother again, then Zahra goes back to the sleeper smother combo that has Stella right on the edge of consciousness. A final two handed smother KOs Stella. A leg hook pins seals the deal on Zahra’s victory and a victory pose marks the end of the day for Stella. Careful what you ask for next time Stella. Movie Images Preview Keywords: