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Humiliation POV presents Princess Kaylynn in You Worship Me Because I Treat You Like The Freak That You Are

You are a slave to a bratty bitch princess. And I am going to take everything. Your dignity, your pride, all while u stare at my ass. You are my submissive little freak & there’s nothing u can do about it. Worship my perfection through your computer screen because u know your loser ass is never going 2 meet me. Kiss my perfect ass, smooch that screen, lol! Idiot.Read less I know u worship my high heels, loser. They’re so fucking sexy. You are going to lick & kiss the bottoms because that’s all u deserve. You pathetic little bitch, you’ll do anything 4 my attention. Let my words get u high, let them !nt0x!cate you, drown and consume u. Now I want you to wish that you could kiss my perfect lips. Wish but you will never get 2, your nasty mouth was all over my shoes a second ago. What a tease I’m, lol! All I have 2 do is to sit here and twirl my hair and u are putty in my hands. Spoil me, I know you want to. It makes u hard, don’t deny it. Your wallet is mine because I own your mind. Loser. You are nothing but a sucker for me. Lick the soles of my heels some more loser. Degrade yourself for me. The more I degrade u the harder you get. You love me because I treat u like the freak that you are. You know how real it’s with me, u know how much I mean the words I speak. You know I truly think u are a loser, you can feel it in my voice. This isn’t some game or video with me, it is how I really feel about you, & u love how fucking condescending I’m. You’ll never be good enough for me. I’m God. You are nothing more than a shoe licking freak who can’t get off without being humiliated. You are weak & submissive and I feed off of your weakness. I’m the bitch that controls your mind. Click pay, click pay. And while you click and pay, I want u 2 hump your pillow. Show me how pathetic you are. Humping your pillow while you click and pay turns you into a horny humping cash machine. You won’t be able 2 stop! LOL!