Humiliation POV presents Miss London Lix in Filling Your Balls, Draining Your Brain – Edging And Denial For Gooning Puppets

You really have no idea just how easy it’s to turn you into my drooling, gooning, puppet do u know? You probably think I have to do some kind of advanced hyp n0 s!s, and weeks of mesmerizing sessions. But it’s much easier than that, all I have to do is get u to edge over and over again. Read less As long as u don’t release, I know you’ll be teetering in that sacred place where your mind is soft and cock is rock hard. It is that easy to turn you into a babbling, drooling mess. That repeated edging for hours fucks up your brain. All those chemicals flooding your system for hours, days, weeks with no release will scramble your brain. This unending edging empties your brain and you become a puppet, u become a drone, and that’s exactly what u want to be. You beg for this, u ache be completely emptied. Full balls, drained brain. And today I am going to see how much of a drooling, gooning, puppet I can turn u into. Start stroking, make yourself weak and pliable. But there will be no cumming, you will hold it in, fucking up your brain in the process. I want 2 ensure that all of those passageways in your brain r completely turned to mush. You want to ruin your brain for me, don’t u? And some of you want to ruin your life for me. Your cock thinks that this is exactly what it wants & needs and it is not telling your brain otherwise. Your cock controls you. You have been betrayed by your cock, turned into a puppet, a drone, a mindless gooning slave 4 me. You don’t want 2 have to think, you don’t want to have responsibilities, you just want to be drooling, you just want to stare at the screen and lose yourself 4 me. I want u playing this on loop, edging without cumming until u pass out. And when you awaken, your brain will still be in the same state since you didn’t cum, and you will feel compelled 2 start the cycle all over again. This is your life now. No emotions, no feeling, no personality, just a puppet attached 2 your cock. Youare so fucked but this is exactly what your cock wanted and you obey your cock. I want u to beg me to do this to you, beg me to fuck up your brain, beg me to turn you into a drooling, gooning slave. Pump your brain away as I melt your mind with my words. There is no going back, u don’t want to go back even if you could. It feels so good to be denied as you edge. There’s such bliss in unending denial. You will edge & deny, edge and deny and you’ll beg me to do this to u. Drool for me, gooning puppet.