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Cruelgirlfriend presents Jessie Jensen in Lick Up Your Pity-Wank

It’s bound to be difficult watching me walk around the house in my bra and panties all the time – getting ready for a night out with the girls or heading out on dates with my real men. Watching me picking out a cute little skirt and a tight top to wear. Strapping on a pair of killer heels. I know it frustrates you to watch me teasing my beautiful hair into soft curls and painting my perfect lips that naughty shade of pink you totally love! I know it’s hard loser but I’m not going to tolerate you wanking yourself off into tissues every time you catch a glimpse of my unobtainable cheerleader body or my oh-so cute breasts. From now on I will supervise each and every one of your pathetic little loser-gasms. First of all you’ll have to ask me permission – you’ll have to say, ‘Please miss, may I have a wank?’ – How humiliating having to ask your girlfriend if you’re allowed a wank! No real man would have to ask – but you DO! You’re going to feel so totally stupid as you pulling on that useless little cock of yours. Maybe I’ll let you get to the absolute limit – take you to the edge and then pull the rug from under your feet. Or maybe I’ll let you squirt your disgusting mess as I laugh at you for being such a loser. Go on loser – squirt your gross mess – squirt it onto the floor right in front of you. Ha ha! What a loser! You’re kneeling in front of your hot girlfriend and instead of fucking her like a real man, you’re wanking yourself off onto the floor! What a TOTAL loser! Look at that mess you’ve made! Guess what loser? We’re all out of tissues! You’re gonna have to lick it all up!