MyFreeCams Webcams Video presents Girl Ashe Maree in Jinkies! Hitachi Reading

Not in character- -reading from book on a hitachi wand for *most* of the video, I just give up and start masturbating around 7 mins- Halloween 2015 was great, tbh. I love/hate reading on the hitachi, it’s happily sexually frustrating, lol. Dressed up as ‘Sexy Velma’ (I’m sure that is what the name of the costume would be, had I bought an actual costume >.>….), I read from a fairly random monster book I had hanging around from my teen obsession with zombies and vampires. It isn’t at all theatrical (College Girl Video Game is the only kinda RP video I’ve done…thus far…), but struggling with my words, even my breathing, and cursing my frustration occasionally has never let my viewers down before.