I have your girl friend tied up in her tight shorts! 1 920


BDSMBig Tits

Actress: Alexia Valentine Keywords: Alexia's boyfriend owes this guy money and has refused to pay him. So the guy grabs her and manhandles her into a hotel room. With Alexia trying to put up a fight, the man is able to get her tied up with rope. Then to shut her up, he stuffs her mouth and ties a very tight cleave gag between her teeth. So tight that she has to struggle not to choke on the panties stuffed in mouth. Once the man has Alexia completely tied up and gagged, he uses her cell phone to call her boyfriend. He lets Alexia grunt and squeal through the gag for her boyfriend to hear the situation she is in. Then after he hangs up, the man pulls Alexia's very tight shorts down to her thighs and puts her in a strict hogtie. Finally he leaves Aleixa struggling hogtied and gagged with her tits out.


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