Busty Blond witness kept bound and gagged in a hotel room. 1 920

Actress: Jamie Knotts Keywords: Jamie was sticking her nose where it is didn't belong and saw something she should not have seen. Now she is a witness in a big trial and it is only days before she is suppose to appear in court. But the people she is testifying against want to give her a chance to change her mind about telling the court what she saw. They have hired some thug to grab and take her to a place where they can have a private conversation with her. The video begins with Jamie tied up and gagged in a hotel room bathroom. She struggles on a toilet seat trying her best to get loose. When she thinks the man is not paying attention, she works her way onto the floor and out of the bathroom. But the man catches her and now she is really going to suffer. He ties her tighter with more rope. He also changes the gag by stuffing her mouth and tying a rag very tight between her teeth so if she gets too loud, the panties packed in her mouth with cause her to gag. When Jamie again tries to escape, the man drags her back in the bathroom and hogties her under the sink. He also pulls her big tits out of her skimpy bra so they bounce around as she struggles bound and gagged on the cold floor.


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