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Smother – The Queendom – Ass for Days Part 6 – Madam Jada

Recently Madam Jada and The Queendom smother slave, let’s call him Mr. Ass, filmed an actual smother marathon. The marathon started at the end of a regular shoot, so Mr. Ass had already been smothered and crushed for a few hours, but Jada was just getting warmed up! The goal for the marathon was simple: Madam Jada would sit on and smother the slave until SHE was tired! To keep things interesting Jada took several requests from fans who helped contribute to keep the marathon going longer. As a result the marathon lasted for 7 hours! During those 7 hours Jada was ruthless about smothering Mr. Ass. She would only stop sitting on him long enough to change outfits, move him to another spot, or the occasional camera battery changes. The result is hours of real, candid chest and facesitting videos! “I like this position,” Madam Jada says, settling into a comfortable, full weight, reverse facesitting position on her poor, battered slave. We’re roughly 5 1/2 hours into the smother marathon now and even Madam Jada is starting to feel tired. All of the lifting up and moving around to let her slave breathe really works out the leg muscles and right now Jada just wants to relax. She’s certainly not ready to end the marathon though so she will be relaxing comfortably on the slave’s face the entire time! She positions herself to be able to give the slave air with minimal effort by simply leaning to the side or moving her leg slightly, giving the slave just enough of an opening to suck in a few breaths before Jada seals him back into her ass. “I’ve gotta re-position you so you’re really in there,” she says, using her hand to turn the slave’s face deeper into her massive cheeks. From time to time the slave tries to push Jada up, but Jada is a 5’10, 185 lb amazon Goddess. There’s simply no way for this weak ass slave to get away! Jada may be tired, but she’s still having fun smothering and crushing her slave’s face, smiling and laughing throughout the clip as the slave struggles for each and every breath. This smother marathon still has a long way to go, whether the slave likes it or not! Madam Jada, Smother Marathon, Facesitting, Human Furniture