Cuck – THE MEAN GIRLS – My Alpha Wants His Car Cleaned – Princess Skylar and Princess Grace

1.46 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:20:54 I was coming over to shoot some clips and as I was leaving, my Alpha says that he wants his car cleaned. He joked that I should make “those pathetic losers” that I beat on in my videos clean his car for him! So I told him “no problem babe” and that was the first clip I made these bitches do for me- while me n Grace just hang out n chill and boss them around like the bitches they are for us. AND we took turns filming it so we could make MORE $$$ off these idiots washing my man’s car, AND I made them all PAY ME for the privilege of doing it!! HAHAHA!!! Gawd, I love being a Mean Girl!! It is so great being able to use these pieces of human garbage for whatever we want. I even rub it in their faces as they are washing my man’s car that “Alpha wants his car SPOTLESS bitches for when he takes me out on a date in it later!” lol. I even make one of the losers LICK THE FILTH OFF THE RIMS OF MY MAN’S CAR WITH HIS TOUNGUE when I see that he missed a spot! Alpha would not like that, so the slave needs to learn a lesson… Me n Grace even take turns beating the slaves to make sure they do a good job, and joke about how we should open a “Mean Girls Carwash” and staff it literally with SLAVE LABOR- so they do ALL the work for us like 24/7 and WE make all the MONEY!!! Haha who wants to come work for us at our carwash?? ��