Lucy Skye - Catching and blackmailing daddy

Cast: Lucy Skye Hey daddy, I totally caught you sneaking into my room last night. I was pretending to be asleep, but I saw exactly what you did. I saw you stare at me, and touch me while you touched yourself in your "private parts". You're a sicko, daddy... You really are. But I thought about this all night... I really have the advantage here. If mommy finds out what a perverted guy you are, she will haul your ass to jail and take all of your money. You dont want that, right? If you want your little gurl to keep this a secret, you're going to have to start obeying ME! Besides all monetary gain I expect to receive to keep my mouth shut, I'm going to have fun with you by humiliating you. You like my butt this badly, daddy? Get over here. Shove your face in between your girl's ass cheeks... Lets see you lick it. Lets hear you sniff it.... Obey Me, daddy... or I'll make sure you get into some BIG trouble .