Danielle Maye XXX - Ditzy Dani

Cast: Danielle Maye XXX My assistant Reede is a waste of space, every day i have to be behind him, kicking him up the arse, He knows just how stressful today is and he is late with my coffee again.Finally after being in work for 45 Mins i finally get my coffee. and guess what, it tastes like SHIT. "what is in this Reede?" "oh ermmm its ermmm liquor for extra flavouring."Dani starts to feel faint, weak, finds it hard to speak, she tries to tell Reede what his jobs are for the day and what is needed, but cant seem to get the words out."We err need those ermm ya know, files that we use." in a common voice, She cant seem to get her head around any work whatsoever, Struggling to put sentences together, a once well spoken powerful woman is now a dumb bimbo!!!"Fuck Work!! lets go out Reede and find some big dicks!!!, I want three BIG ones, one for every whole, get your stuff Reede we are heading out!!!Danielle Maye XXX