Lucy Skye - Hacker Blackmails You

Cast: Lucy Skye You must not have realized how computer-savvy I am. I've worked with computers my whole life, and I have a particular interest in software hacking. Do you know what that is? That means I enjoy hacking into losers' computers and installing a KEYLOGGER software. Not just any software though, one that I can use to access the information you type into your computer LIVE. Well... I ended up installing that software on your pc a while back, and since then I have been monitoring all your pc activity. I have recorded all of your personal information that you have typed out over the last few months. Know what THAT means? That means I have all your information. name, address, friends & family contact information. But the best part- I have been monitoring all your porn activities. Yep, I know all the sick stuff you're in to. Pretty fucking perverted, if you ask Me. Now that I have all this information, I would enjoy exposing your sick fetishes and fantasies to everybody you know, but I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy that, would you? If you want Me to keep your secret safe & not exploit you for the sickfuck you are, you better send me plenty of money (on a constant basis). I have a blabber mouth, hehe, so I suggest you make it a fat stack of cash