Extreme Face-slapping – FRENCH GIRLS HARD SLAPS – Sasha – EXTREME

After a long moment without any session, here is the return of the EXTREME-FACESLAPPING studio FRENCH GIRLS HARD SLAPS ! And for this one, Sasha, who has not let off steam for a long time, will do an extremely violent solo session. This girl is just dazzling. She slaps the slave as hard as she can, et she even do a slaps competition with herself. The victim must say which slaps was the hardest. She humiliates him with her feet. She orders him to clean the soles of her shoes with his tongue, she put off her high heels and orders him to lick and smell her feet. She orders him to blow air on her burning palms after some series of slaps. Sasha is extremely sarcastic, as usual, and mocks the slave. To people who don’t know who we are and who don’t know what extreme face-slapping is, take this clip now ! �� For ther other ones, I think I don’t have to encourage a lot to take it…Sasha is ultra violent and splendid. All of you, take it ! �� EXTREME FACE-SLAPPING, SHOE LICKING, FOOT SMELLING, FOOT LICKING