Description: Gorgeous Luna C makes a sizzling-hot return in this erotically charged fantasy. Honeymoon catches up with Luna on her wedding night, and finds her in lace-topped white stockings, simple white cotton panties, a pearl necklace and a veil. However, her rhinestone-studded skysc r heels and vibrantly painted lips and nails hint at her true, less demure nature. She caresses a single white rose, enjoying its scent. She then pops open a small bottle of sparkling wine and sits down to enjoy it, lifting her veil to reveal perfect, medium-sized breasts with stiff, pink nipples. Overcome with the emotion of the day, she caresses her incredible, slender curves, splaying her thighs as her hands run over her crotch. She sips more of the wine, spilling a little down her chin which trickles down over her breasts and belly, then soaks into her underwear. Deliberately, she pours more onto her skin, soaking the white cotton too, so it turns transparent and clings to the folds of her shaved pussy. She begins to frig herself, first through the fabric, and then she pulls the crotch aside. Her fingers stroke and splay her caramel-brown pussy lips, exposing her pink, and she humps against her hand, moaning with pleasure as she rubs her clit. Next, she peels off her wet panties and stands up, draining her glass, then strokes the white rose over her naked skin. Sinking to the floor, she parts her thighs and frigs herself hard, one hand teasing her clit while the other pumps her pussy. As her orgasm builds, she grabs her wine bottle, drinks the final few drops, then sucks on it like a cock before rubbing the neck of it against her slit then slipping it inside of her pussy, using it like a dildo. This tips her over the edge - her body bucks and her slim thighs quiver as she cums hard. Luna drops the bottle and sits back, little aftershocks of pleasure shaking her body. Then, emotionally and physically spent, she draws the veil back over her beautiful face. about video: Models: Luna C


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