femdom - Sandra Latina in You Married A Gold Digger And A Whore And YOU LOVE IT!



Look baby I am wearing your favorite outfit, you know the one that makes your cock rock hard the moment you see my ass in it. I am also wearing a lot of the diamonds and jewels you have purchased for me because I know how much you love to see your hot wife in them. I know we haven’t been married long but it’s time we have a talk and I tell you the REAL reason why I married you. You see baby this is the last time you will see me dressed like this for your pleasure, I married you because I am a gold digger who loves to cuckold men. You are the type that will support me financially and will accept the fact that I will be a slut wife to you just to keep me as your trophy wife. You will no longer be fucking me, all these hot outfits I wore for you the first few weeks of our marriage will now be worn for my boyfriends that will be fucking me on our bed. I will no longer be spending the weekends with you, I will instead be going out with my girlfriends to find hot guys to being me home and fuck your pretty wifes pussy. When I go out on weekends I want you to sleep in the guest bedroom so that you can hear nice and clear my ass bouncing up and down on thick cock, my throat getting fucked by a thick cock and my thick phat ass getting rammed from behind by big hard cock. You can jerk off while you hear me being pleasured and if my date decides to leave and not spend the night then maybe you can clean my ass and pussy when he is done with it. Or


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